Access Control

Plus Vision recognises the needs of businesses and individuals to react to a situation quickly. The four primary functions of access control systems are to monitor the location(s) of individuals within a building, to control where individuals are able to gain access, to manage individual user permissions to ensure that access is granted to the correct individual, to the correct area(s), at the correct time(s).

To be truly effective, all of our systems must be individually designed in order to minimise the risk. We take into account the usage of the premises so that the system remains affective and user friendly.

Plus Vision’s access control solutions can provide a range of intelligent reports in order to provide real-time information on a variety of requirements, including:

  • Anti Pass back alerts and attempts
  • Movement Analysis
  • Unauthorised access attempts
  • Staff on-site totals
  • Fire Reports
  • Tailgating Stats
  • Doors forced
  • Communications outages
  • Alarm inputs

We offer several types of door entry and access control systems:

  • Single Phone
  • Multi Phone
  • Audio Access
  • Video Access
  • Logged Entry Systems
  • Card Entry Systems

Access control has a lot of advantages:

  • Increased Security

Protect premises and staff. For enhanced protection, integrate access control with ‘other’ security systems, i.e. intruder alarms or CCTV.

  • Flexible Solutions

The complete range of Plus Vision’s products mean that we can tailor a solution to meet your needs whatever your business.

  • Maintain & Improve

Regular service and maintenance visits will maintain the security level provided by your access control system, and will keep you updated with all new functionality available.

Plus Vision’s access control systems do more than simply open doors; they provide a cost effective solution which not only improves the bottom line but can improve your ROI.